The smarter way to buy and sell houses

Automate the conveyancing process, making it easier and faster for people to buy and sell property

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Conveyancing AI

Buy and Sell Your House with AI

The platform uses artificial intelligence to streamline the process, identify potential problems, and keep users informed of their progress, making it super easy to buy and sell your property.

  • Automated Process

    Automates the entire conveyancing process, from start to finish. This includes tasks such as gathering documents, preparing contracts, and communicating with lawyers and other professionals.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Using artificial intelligence to identify potential problems and keep users informed of their progress. This can help to reduce the risk of delays or errors.

  • Easy To Use

    Easy to use, even for people who are not familiar with the conveyancing process. The platform provides clear instructions and step-by-step guidance.

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